Useful tools for Afeka Students

This post covers some tools I built to make some tasks easier at Afeka.


Before I started my studies on Afeka, I got my account information to the College portal.
This portal is based on a system called Yadion.
In this portal, I can see my grades, my courses, get an administrative messages and more..
I wanted to keep get my timetable synced to my phone with all the last changes automatically.
I could make a repeatable event on Google Calendar, but every semester I had to make a new one,
and if there were some last minute changes – I wouldn’t know about them.
In addition, I wanted to get my exams dates in what room they are, without needing to check every time on the portal.

So I built a little script in PHP that runs on my web server.
This script is using curl to access the portal with my username and password,
Then, it’s parse all the schedule for the next few weeks, and  it does the same for the exams, and the college events.
After it finishes – it’s building an iCal that you can use in Google Calendar.

You can use this script, you need to add a new  this address to Subscribe to public calendars
se this address for the calendar:

Change USERNAME to your username, and PASSWORD to you password.
This script is also extending your library books lending date, so if you don’t want it, changes books=1 to books=0.
Also, it adds some Afeka events from Afeka calendar, if you don’t want this, change events=1 to events=0

Now you will be able to see this calendar on your android smartphone.
If you are using an iphone, follow this instructions and add the url to your phone.


Usually, each teacher has a little site for his course, and he choose what exams to upload to his website.
Some teachers don’t upload many exams, or upload some updated exams for some reasons, and I find myself
sometime with no exams to solve, or some old exams that does not help much.

I found that Afeka is scanning and uploading all the exams from the past few years, and upload it to a http server.
This server is messy, and you need to know the course ID to find what you are looking for.
you can find those exams here:

I built a little app with C# that helps you get all the exams of a course in one click.
You don’t need to know the course code, and you can download exams from only one year, or for all the years together.
You can find it here:

**I noticed that Afeka stopped uploading exams after last summer, maybe it’s because the new Moodle system.


Renew your books lending every week in the library can be very annoying, so I built a little script in PHP with curl.
This script runs on a Cron job every day, and extending the books lending every day!
You can register to this Cron jon here:

** just a heads up – after you will start using this, you might forget that you have books at home 😛

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